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“Global”: the Nekicesa great leap forward in
Artwork management

“We´d like to make a small modification in our product design because we have renamed the company”.

“We are now implementing changes in packaging design in order to face the European Serialization Directive. This is a very expensive project that may take a long time”.

This kind of questions are becoming lately in a constant request among our customers. For this reason, Nekicesa has created Global by Nekicesa, a new company integrated into the group that enables the Artwork management of our customers, to streamline processes with a competitive cost at any design stage.

Reaction to specific requirements of the current market

The highest priority of Nekicesa is to anticipate the evolution of the sector and to react accordingly in order to meet the customers´ requirements with quality. Being capable to answer these requirements is one of the main reason to offer these new services provided by Global, that goes from the design creation to any modification in texts, colours or units in primary or secondary material.

The perfect Artwork

One of the main customers´ concern consists in being able to change their Artwork without an expensive cost. Global joins competitiveness and efficiency, designing the Artwork from the very beginning or making any changes needed (texts, flaps, plots, Pantone colours, etc.) with the most competitive cost among the market.

In this way, the Artwork will be created perfect, fast and editable. Besides, colour test can be printed before launching the product.

Services and benefits for the companies

These are some of the services offered by Global:

– Graphic Design

– Design changes

– Text and Pantone colour changes

– Flap transformation

– Volumetric design

– Colour tests

– Scale models

Considering this, the customers´ benefits are tangible:

– Perfect Artwork

– Editable and exportable Artwork to any provider.

Volumetric designs and virtually test identical to the final product and applicable to folding cartons, labels, leaflets or tubes, at a competitive cost.

Global meets the Nekicesa main goals: being able to offer quality, service and competitiveness, incorporating an expert Pre-press team in order to ease the customers´day by day with the highest guarantee.