Huge opportunities aimed to small laboratories

Guarantees and opportunities that small businesses need

Small companies and laboratories must face the same challenges as the largest ones with fewer resources from logistic and legal viewpoint. 

Thanks to continued inclusion of new services in its portfolio, Nekicesa is equipped to offer a packaging full services to these companies, in order to handle the incoming challenges without the need to invest a great deal of work or huge figures taking into consideration their budgets.

This way, smaller companies will be qualified to receive a 360º packaging service from Nekicesa, from the design stage to the management of their shipping and storage capacity.


Design Stage

Throughout its newly created company, NGPS, Nekicesa provides from now on design and layout services of folding cartons, labels and leaflets in order to enable the artworks management.

Nekicesa offers not only the design creation from scratch, but also any modification in texts, colours or units. Besides, the company ensures the possibility to produce physical models of folding cartons at a competitive cost, enabling a test before their launch.


Printing Stage

Thanks to the incorporation of specialised machinery in digital printing, more frequent and smaller print runs are now possible. This acquisition enables smaller labs to produce on-demand orders, without the need to group together entire orders to get the best price.

Nekicesa provides the latest technology in digital printing with the HP Indigo 30000, a printer that gets the 97% of PMS using heptacromy. Thus, small companies are able to highest quality printing, reducing short run costs.


Additional services

In addition to printing, cutting and gluing of folding cartons, Nekicesa also offers services to provide added value to their customers.

In order to face the anti-counterfeiting European Directive in 2019, Nekicesa provides the preserialisation packaging service, so as to reduce the investment in machinery to register and print the codes that are needed. They are now serialising to other countries with a quality and readability above the normative requirements.


Storage and shipping Stage

Additionally, logistic services allow customers to save interim storage and administrative management costs. In this way, Nekicesa is able to offer services such as Kitting or Call off:

Kitting service is about delivering folding cartons, labels and leaflets in a single order, shipping them in the same kit. Therefore, this service reduces the warehouse, the accounting management and the logistical material.

Call off service is another solution meant to companies that prefer stock reduction or removing intermediate warehouses. Working with Nekicesa, there is a chance to produce a large kit of folding cartons, labels and leaflets and store them in Nekicesa’s storage space for some time, always within a previous agreement.


How to make the most out of digital print

Find out the countless possibilities that digital print offers! Despite the lack of knowledge of some companies, this territory is unknown and ready to be explored. This simple test can help you to define your current digital profile. After that, Nekicesa will be ready to lead you in order to get you the most of the benefits from digital printing.