Packaging as an effective shooping experience

Changes in consumer behavior are modifying the way we connect with products and the way these are presented to the consumers -that is, their packaging- and with good reason.

New familiar roles and lifestyles

Before, traditional families (a couple with two or more kids) were those who set consumerism. Instead, today  there are more families with only one child, couples with no children at all, single-parent families and even people who live alone.

This implies that products and the way they are presented must also be modified. In fact, it is more and more common to find small and manageable boxes in every sector, as well as single dose packaging.

The development of technology and new lifestyles have also changed the way we buy. In fact, consumers of all ages have jumped on the e-commerce bandwagon, at least they use the internet to investigate and compare before purchasing anything.

Some of them have even become interested in ‘unboxing‘, the act of unpack products. And, if we think about it, there is nothing as important as packaging in this process.

It is at this moment, the first contact between the online shop and the consumers, when the latter focus all their attention on the product and the brand. The packaging is the main responsible to make a good impression since there is no second chance to make a first impression.

Key features of good packaging

Consumers, placed in front of several products of similar characteristics, will pick one guided by its functionality, but also they will make a choice guided by their own emotions, past experiences, and recommendations. The same happens with the packaging.

Good packaging is one that has an impact on consumers and stands out among their competitors, but it is also the one which format, colors, and materials are coherent with the brand positioning and its values.

When purchasing an article, one of the things that are valued are the functional packaging that, for instance, includes some sort of grip to ease their transportation. Definitely, the format must be adapted to the consumers’ preferences and needs.

When colors and designs are concerned, the ones to choose are those that stimulate the target both in the offline and online stores. Taking the children into account, it is appealing to elaborate emotional packaging; a good idea is to create collectible boves with their favorite cartoons, for instance. Taking an adult target into account, designing vintage packaging can create an effective connection with the consumer.

The material used is another factor that has to follow the guidelines and values of the brand. For example, if a brand promises respect towards the environment, its folding carton should be made from biodegradable materials.

To sum up, packaging plays a very important role in success or failure when selling a product since before purchasing anything, we can foresee how the experience will be just looking at the products packaging.

If a brand is able to communicate through packaging (every symbolic detail the product itself implies) will have succeeded in its purpose.

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