SEDEX recognizes our commitment to contribute to society’s well-being

The ability to deliver high quality services and to produce valuable products is for Nekicesa as important as to contribute to society’s well-being. This commitment consists in applying ethic principles to every part of our business process, not only internally but also by ensuring that our providers work with these principles.

As a result, Nekicesa is a SEDEX supplier member, a global non-profit organisation that drives collaboration, increases transparency, reduces duplication and builds the capacity to raise standards throughout the supply chain.

Being a Sedex member includes commitments to:

– Implementing the ETI Base Code.

– Fullfilling all customer requirements, including customer-specific codes of conduct.

– Regulatory compliance.

– Continual improvement in social responsibility.

In addition, SMETA (the Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) checks the compliance of employment law in the following areas: 

– Environmental protection

– Migrant workers

– Management systems

– Home-based work