smart packaging
Responsible Packaging

Smart packaging, benefits for patients and laboratories

Are the medicine’s leaflets difficult to read and understand? Have the patients issues when taking the prescribed dosage?

Around 50% of patients suffering from chronic diseases do not follow their prescription correctly* Thousands of people have daily troubles when taking their medications, and the improper use of drugs is a serious public health issue causing, among others, treatment inefficacy and higher sanitary costs.

Smart Packaging, for a safe and accessible medications intake

Besides general patients, some collectives have greater complications when manipulating medicines, such as the elderly and people visual, mobility or reading impaired.

Therefore, pharma and cosmetic industry are progressively taking measures to implement smart packaging procedures in order to improve the patient interaction with the medicine and the treatment adherence through intuitive and inclusive packagings.  

Technology is closely connected with smart packaging revolution, incorporating, among others, mobile apps to control asthma or creating video-tutorials for drug self-administration that turn on when touching the packaging. NFC and Bluetooth integrated in our devices can help the patient following the treatment in the first weeks or even get notified when they have to buy a new one -something specially useful for chronic patients-.

Enviromental sustainability, packaging and CSR

Through the implementation of intelligent packaging in the pharmaceutical industry, laboratories have the chance to improve people wellbeing and their environment by committing to a CRS program. In addition to facilitate the patient’s treatment adherence, to optimize packaging materials and to develop new applications for medicine containers, they contribute to reduce waste and respect the environment.

The way to a more efficient and sustainable society is to optimize the resources available, taking care of the origin of raw materials and to respect our environment to design new intelligent, close and accessible to everyone.

In terms of this, smart packaging is the perfect ally for both sanitary professionals and patients, being one of the industry priorities, combining technology and science to reinforce healthy habits and to create a connected, responsible and secure community.

* Data extracted from “Adherence for long-length therapies” report by WHO, 2003.